News - Elite escort of Paris

The most magical, romantic city in the world, Paris has a world famous history and style that is unmatched by any other city in the world. Class is its middle name. And the local women are no different; High class personified. The 'cream of the crop' in elite escorts here, are indeed the cream of the crop globally. For anyone of sophistication seeking first class in Paris, all you need to do is turn your head. As Eddie from Ab-Fab says "They dress their meat better than we dress ourselves!".

The Paris nightlife is as varied as its tourist attractions. Whatever your preference or interests, Paris will have something to entertain you.

Whether a warm summer evening stroll along the Seine or a luscious snuggle in a warm, swanky chill-out lounge in winter, your ideal evening can be created in this city.

Royal Playamates elite escort of Paris does not accept every caller. Our models are upscale, and only available to the most refined and considerate gentlemen. This keeps our models fresh and feminine. We offer each of our valued and cherished clients a beautiful experience, with our elite escort introduction service. Striving for excellence at all times, we specialize in fresh, feminine, erudite and warm-hearted beauties of distinction. We will never stop striving for greatness and exclusivity.