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Each man visiting France alone or with his friends is looking for perfect female companion or modele scort Paris. It is very easy to book a model through web service of Paris escorts agency and tou will not have such a problems as you can have in bars: tob e scammed or to be dumped. That is true cause many bars with tourists are full of girls who leave you as soon as you paid money for escort service or they interested only in marriage.

All the models listed on our Private trips paris pages are available to travel in Europe, Middle East, most of the vacation destinations and in Asian/ USA.

To validate a booking the agency needs to receive in advance the money to pay the flight ticket, the visa and a small confirmation fee. The travel and visa expenses are variable depending by the country the customer needs too meet the model.

This advance payment is needed because the agency has to be sure that the booking is not fake and that the customer is seriously intentioned to meet the model. As far as the agency receives the swift code of the wire by phone or by email the visa pratice is started and the model is considered as "booked". In case different customers desire to meet the same model at the same time, the model is considered "booked" for the one who send the account first.

For the duration of the meeting the customer has to provide the hotel accomodation and all expenses for the model"s natural needs (food, drink, etc.). Nothing is due to the model more than the rate agreed with the agency. Every present the customer may desire to offer to the model on plus is at his own discretion.

If the customer cancels the meeting nothing will be refunded by the agency unless a previous communication is done at least one week in advance. In this case the agency will totally refund the customer deducting only the travel and visa charges. Any behaviour by the customer with the purpose to obtain a discount from the model at the last moment will be not tolerated by the agency.